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 Institutions we have worked with include  Pecking University Health Science Center University of Essex Ontario Institute for Cancer Research NYU Langone Medical Center European Molecular Biology Laboratory - European Bioinformatics Institute Anglia Ruskin University

Visual materials for impactful content

IntAct is _

a free and open source database system that provides analysis tools for molecular interaction data.
data, taken from experiments and papers, shown in the highest detail.
manually added value that gives solid information based on evidence.
a repository that takes information from natural language and transforms it into searchable data.

a road map of the cell; its wireframe.
interactions in great deep detail.
the essence of life.

IntAct _

wants to have a stronger image.
by updating the resource.
focusing on quality data, content, imagery and UX.

IntAct's team gave a fantastic brief full of strong images of their own view on the project, what their passions are and their targets for short and long terms.

‘Manually-curated data based in evidence’ and ‘depth-in-detail’ are the foundational concepts in which to build this rebranding for these are what make IntAct stand out and what it should be recognised for.

Reactome is an open-source, open access, manually curated and peer-reviewed pathway database. Its goal is to provide intuitive bioinformatics tools for the visualisation, interpretation and analysis of biochemical knowledge to support basic and clinical research, genome analysis, modelling, systems biology and education.

The previous identity is a complex image in which we can see a representation of a pathway diagram and its complexity.

We bring a clearer, open and easy-to-read imagery to portray concepts related to Reactome's functionalities and usability: Concatenation of reactions, multiple layers of analysis and open knowledge, giving shape to a repository of transparent and unfolded information.

Clear and memorable images

Helping scientists reach their goals

Hemostasis illustrations from Reactome Disease illustration from Reactome Nervous system development illustration from Reactome RSV infection illustration from Reactome Sensory perception of sound illustration from Reactome

Visual storytelling for scientific data

Science beautifully explained

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